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Available at the last minute!

Iesha Baker
Customer Review
I experienced unexpected car trouble and at the last minute, John from ABC Transmission was able to diagnose and repair my car. I was just stationed here in Jacksonville and I’m so thankful that this shop is located right off Mayport naval base.

What are u-joints, and how can you diagnose a bad one?

multiple universal joints

U-joints are a small, simple component - in fact, they have changed much since the very first automobiles. However, on any vehicle with a driveshaft, its ability to move depends entirely on the u-joint being there. You’ll often hear “maybe it’s the u-joints” as a solution offered for problems with a vehicle - but what are they, what do they do, and how do you know if yours is bad? ABC Transmission & Auto Care / Auto Body in Atlantic Beach, FL has the answers.

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He called every few days with updates on my car!

Angel Simpson
Customer Review
They helped me out so much when I was stuck with no vehicle. He advised me to go through the insurance because of the high cost and also advised me to get a rental car. They worked diligently while I had my rental to save me as much money as possible. He also called me every few days with updates. When I went to go pick up my car they had buffed out the headlights which has helped a lot at night. They also buffed out some scratches I had on the front of my car. And last but not least they fixed my front bumper where it was coming off a little bit. All of that wasn’t covered under the insurance but they went ahead and did that extra stuff for me so my car would look a lot better. They were also personable and made a lot of conversation with me while I was visiting.

Save Your Engine Before It Quits


Fleet cars, vans, and trucks see a lot of wear and tear. If your engine has already called it a day, then it’s obviously case closed - you need a new engine or a new vehicle. However, there are many times when an engine is about to go down, and you can get it taken care of before it kicks the bucket for good - saving you time and towing in the process.

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The Ins and Outs of Your Transmission


Automatic transmissions aren’t easily understood outside of specialists like those at ABC Transmission & Auto Care / Auto Body in Atlantic Beach, FL. While it would be impossible to teach you enough to make you a transmission expert in a series of articles, what we can do is give you the fundamental knowledge you need to have a good idea of what your transmission is doing, and how it works.

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